Ballet is a technical form of dance which enables children to learn co-ordination and artistry building a classical technique in a happy but disciplined environment.
Classes from age of 2 years to adult.

Examinations from Pre-Primary to Advanced 2 level.


Tap is a percussive and rhythmic form of dance, that helps children to develop an understanding of rhythm giving them the freedom to express themselves noisily!
Everyone Taps at Laton Ash, even the 2 year olds! 

As well as the Tap Grades and Vocational Exams students can also study for the Bronze, Silver & Gold Medal awards. 


Modern Theatre Dance is a highly energetic style that builds on the technical foundation gained from Ballet and includes elevated and travelling steps, turns and floor work. Students gain flexibility, mobility and confidence as they progress through the grades. 

Students have the opportunity to take the Bronze, Silver & Gold Jazz Medal awards as well as the Grades and Vocationals. 

Adult Ballet

Our Adult Ballet classes are for anyone at any age, whether you danced with us years ago or have never worn a pair Ballet shoes!

You will study classical technique and gain strength and greater mobility in an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere!

Greek & Stretch

At Laton Ash we feel it is essential for students to have secure technical knowledge of Greek dance especially if they perform competitively.

Our Stretch class is open to all our students giving them the opportunity to gain strength and flexibility safely.

Adult Tap

Our Adult Tap classes cater for the beginner as well as the more accomplished dancer. Dust off your Tap shoes and channel your inner Fred or Ginger.

You will start with the basics and progress through to more complex rhythms and tonal variations whilst having great fun! 

Silver Swans

Silver Swans is a Ballet class specifically designed for the over 55s and more mature students. Whatever your age, if you are looking for a new way to keep fit and active these Ballet classes will put a spring in your step! 

Whether you have never danced before or want to get back into the swing of it, these classes have something for everyone.

Body Conditioning

Picture and info coming soon.

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre Workshops are taken by the dynamic Miss Jade Powers.

These Workshops are on Wednesday afternoons from 5.00pm – 7.00pm.

Adults with Learning Disabilities

Our classes are on Friday mornings and cater for Small Groups or Private Lessons