Silver Swans

Miss Pauline has become a Licensee of the RAD’s Silver Swans programme; Ballet classes specifically designed for the over 55s.

Whatever your age, if you are looking for a new way to keep fit and active these Ballet classes will put a spring in your step! 

Whether you have never danced before or want to get back into the swing of it, these classes have something for everyone. 

The RAD has developed this programme based on research into dance practice for the older learners. These classes are only taught by Silver Swan Licensees.

5 ways in which Dance can improve your life.
1. Dance slows ageing by improving the immune system.
2. Dance can help to reduce stress and support weight loss.
3. Dance increases your energy levels.
4. Dance Classes are a great way to expand your social circle/ meet new people.
5. Dance improves balance which can result in fewer falls later in life.

Comments from some of our Silver Swans can be found on the Testimonials page.

Tea/Coffee, biscuits and a chat free after class!

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